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Mercury Retrograde

Has brought another spiritual awakening

Exposing faux relationships

Loyalty thrown under a bus

Not once but twice

Shame on me for believing

Left the nest and started to fly, only to have my wings temporarily clipped

Greed from spiritual community


Breathing vids

Threats of fire


More threats about losing

Conflicts of interests


Fleeing in a 36 ft home on wheels

Setting fire to the rain

Realizations of being stifled

Inspired & influenced others

Still loyal

Secret keeper

Realizing strength

Divine Masculine and Feminine

Creating North, South, East & West

Selling it all

Blind faith

Answering call of the wild

Fleeing to freedom in a Fleetwood

Escape to barren land

Tan skin judged

Still loyal

Wings out

Still inspiring others

Finding worth



Rising from toxic ash

Removing daggers of jealousy

Returning negative energy back to sender


Rise of the mother fucking Phoenix

Realizing that if I was truly loved, I’d feel it

Awakening again

If they talk of others, they’ll talk of you

Loyalty gone

Cord cutting

Intuitive messages

Labeled witch

Puppet master no more

Layers revealed

Layers healed


Never forget

Boundaries bounded

Cutting myself free

Sun playing with my golden hair

Anchored to the desert earth

Lessons learned

Not to be repeated

Her wounds and her scars lie hidden within

The Phoenix always rises as a new day begins

Her purpose is of meaning and impossible to define

Her presence strong, her force rippling, and her power divine

Freedom gained, freedom found

Watch me howl at the moon

I know love by how it feels

Not to be repeated

Tight grip released

Gratitude for Retrograde

What’s revealed during MR needs our attention. So we can keep healing all the layers and to not repeat the lessons…

Thanks so much for reading! I send you love and strength to heal.



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